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Learn why emotional eating is happening & become familiar with your triggers so you can stop self-sabotaging your health goals.

August 23rd - August 27th

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Not only are these 5 days jam packed with ample awareness & reflection, but you'll also have the opportunity to win epic prizes when you show up & take action!


Hiii! I'm MaKenzie. 👋

I was justttt like you. I began on this journey to become a healthier, happier version of myself which took me to a very dark place. I became obsessive about my food, it's ALL I could think about. I aimed to eat the 'healthiest' as possible, and would feel so much guilt if I didn't. More nights than not it would end in me binge eating to the point of pain.. filling me with even more shame. It affected my self esteem, my confidence, my ambition, and so much more. I'm proud to say I'm on the other side now and it feels so good. Let me show you.