No really, I am!

You're here because you:
- know there's more to life
- desire more for yourself
- are ready for change
- want a life of happiness, success, and fulfillment
- want to step into a higher version of yourself
- crave something better
- know it can be easier

ALIGN & ELEVATE is a 4 week course to help you
create the life that you've always imagined.

Inside you'll be guided through lessons that will evoke thought, inspiring you to begin taking action. You'll be provided with everything you need to begin creating a life of ease, happiness, and peace. With daily journal prompts and weekly meditations, you will progress through your very own self discovery and exploration journey. 

inside you'll receive -

self discovery journey

For the next 28 days, you'll be lead through various lessons that will allow you to grow and expand your perception of self and the unlimited possibilities available for you.

weekly lessons to complete

Inside this self paced course, new content will be released every week for the duration of the course. This allows you to complete at your own pace. 
And you have lifetime access.

daily journaling prompts

Journaling is a game changer when it comes to this process. Through these daily journal prompts you'll gain clarity, understanding, focus, & much more.

weekly meditations

In order to truly tap into your subconscious and reap the benefits of this course, you'll be equipped with meditations to complete at your leisure throughout the course.

let's break it down -

Align & Elevate is broken down into 4 modules.



Align & Elevate is a self-paced course. This means that you can start at any time! A&E will run for 4 weeks, dripping content to you every week. Simply scroll to the bottom of this page to begin!

After you've enrolled into Align & Elevate, you will gain access to the content for the first module and you'll be good to go!

I suggest you have:
- an open, growth-oriented mindset
- access to high speed internet/wi-fi
- a journal
- a quiet space
- 1hr/wk minimum 

Nope! This is available for both men and women! 

Because Align & Design is a self-paced course, there are no coaching calls included.

You do have the opportunity to add on weekly 1:1 coaching calls with me where we will discuss anything that is coming up for you & find a solution.

Absolutely! I'm always here for you. Shoot me an e-mail and we can discuss if Align & Elevate is right for you.


It can seem scary or overwhelming if you're new to this type of work, but that simply means it will be even more rewarding. I walk you through everything, don't worry!


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