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4 Steps to Achieving Happiness

goals happiness Apr 24, 2019

So glad you're here! I have a quick question for you -

If life was a game, and the premise was to achieve happiness, how would you be playing?⁣

Really think about that for a second.⁣

In order to achieve happiness, these 4 steps MUST be taken.

1. Define Happiness
What does happiness really mean to you? What does that look like? Does that mean starting a family? Does that mean following a passion and starting a business? Does this mean traveling and going on a bunch of vacations? Happiness is different for everyone. So first before we can determine if you're "winnning", we need to define the term happiness.⁣

2. Take Action⁣
What are you doing to achieve this? Are you actively going out and making this happen? Or are you sitting on the sidelines? Are you out there on the field or are you sitting back, too shy to take action? Are you reaching out to connect with people? Are you hiring a coach to guide you where you need to be? Are you taking courses and classes so you CAN start that new hobby or business? Are you researching the latest vacations, or do you think they'll miraculously fall into your lap? You need to be proactive.⁣

3. Remove Obstacles⁣
If you are surrounded by toxic people, or in a toxic environment - you will not grow and you will not 'WIN' at life. So once you come to or acknowledge any obstacle, you need to face it. You need to ask yourself if this is in alignment with your goals or if it'll hold you back. This could be friends, family, a job, a spouse.. this could be the cookies you have stashed away. All of these things are obstacles that could potentially hurt your progress.⁣

4. Re-Evaluate⁣
Life is not linear. Sometimes things change, especially as you grow. You desire more things and you meet new people along the way. You will have bigger and greater obstacles. So each time you level up, you need to look just a bit further ahead. Get into the habit of constantly reevaluating your unique situation.⁣

So, let me ask you again. Are you winning at life? Which step needs some work? I'd love to help you walk through this & support you!

Not only do I help you create a healthy lifestyle in my signature course, heal•thy•diet, but I also help you lead inwards, love yourself, and truly find happiness. You are the creator of your life, it's time you take back your control! Talk soon!

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