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6 Benefits of Avocado

avocados healthy fats Apr 17, 2019

Have you heard the hype of eating avocados, but you're still unsure if they should be a staple in your diet? I got you, girl.

Check the deets

1. Highest concentration of brain protecting antioxidants of any fruit or vegetable.
2. Twice the potassium of a banana, which is important for blood pressure and nerve function.
3. Keeps you full, longer. There are 12 grams of fiber in a whole medium avocado.
4. Tons of healthy mono-saturated fat.
5. Nearly zero sugar and low carb.
6. Multiple forms of vitamin E.

Like anything else.. there is NO magic foods that will instantly get you to your goal. If you love avocados, enjoy them in moderation. If you don't, don't stress over it!

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5 Steps of the Diet Cycle

I'm so glad you're here!

If you're new to my space it's important that you know that I'm a huge advocate for ending the dieting culture. You know what I mean.. the fad diets, calorie restriction, eliminating entire foods groups, labeling foods "good" or "bad".. I could go on forever.

But I know how hard this can be since it's been ingrained into us our entire lives. We see it in the news, in the media, on billboards, on the radio.. it preys on us daily.

Unfortunately, dieting keeps you stuck, unhappy and decreases your odds of actually achieving your goals. 

Here's the 5 steps of the diet cycle:

You wake up, look in the mirror and decide you're unhappy. Because of societal beliefs, your first inclination is to go on a diet and lose weight.

You begin some sort of diet, eating style, detox, weight loss regimen, etc that you saw online. You're excited to get started!

You do well for a while, but your new...

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Are you losing your sense of self?

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2019

I totally get it. And I want you to know that you're not alone.

My Body Balance Revolution babes are on their 3rd week into the course and so many things are coming up for them.

One thing in particular is that they are realizing how little time they spend on themselves.

They are going and doing for everyone else.. but at the end of the day there is no room left for them to do what THEY desire. This is so incredibly common and it makes me a little sad because this means that they lose sight of who they truly are.

Yes, they are a daughter.
Yes, they are a wife.
Yes, they are a mother.
Yes, they are an employee.
But that’s not who they ARE. That’s simply a role that they play in their life.

These women are learning to rediscover who they truly are, create goals that suite their desire, and actually make time for themselves. They are taking back the control of their life and it’s such a liberating feeling.

When you give yourself permission to show up and love yourself, your...

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It's Time to Cut the Caffeine

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2019

Hey babe, you like caffeine? Well duh.

It's obvious why you seem to grab for that coffee every morning. It contains caffeine, duh! Caffeine is known to boost your mood, metabolism and mental and physical performance.

ANDDD studies have also shown that it’s safe for most people when consumed in low-to-moderate amounts. So that's a win, right?

Not so fast! Notice that I said low-to‐moderate amounts. If you're sipping on coffee all day like it's an IV, or have a death grip on your energy drinks ‐ let's chat!

High doses of caffeine may have unpleasant and even dangerous side effects. Caffeine can also wreak havoc on your adrenals.

Some common side effects of caffeine can include:
- anxiety
- insomnia
- digestive issues
- muscle breakdown
- addiction
- high blood pressure
- rapid heart rate
- fatigue

This can be such a nasty cycle. You feel tired, so you have caffeine. This brings on the anxiety, rapid heart rate, and high blood pressure. Then you find yourself feeling fatigued, causing...

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Meal Plans Don't Work

Uncategorized Mar 21, 2019
When it comes to dieting or eating 'healthier', people want quick and easy. That's why so many succumb to buying pills, drinks, teas, etc. Meal plans are the same way. Clients want to know what exactly to eat and when.. nicely laid out for them. Could I provide you with a meal plan that would give you the results your looking for? Absolutely. So why don't I do it?
Meal plans and diets aren’t useful or sustainable for the vast majority of clients.
No Variation.  Most meal plans have you eating the same thing close to every day. But what happens when you are supposed to go meet friends for dinner? Or you're going on vacation? That's it - diets off!
Food preferences. Not everyone enjoys eating the same types of foods. Some prefer eating higher carbs, others choose higher fats. Some people do not like certain vegetables, or are allergic. If I put brussel sprouts on your meal plan and you don't like them.. what are the chances the meal plan would...
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Dieting is Ruining Your Sex Life

Uncategorized Mar 18, 2019

Ouch. That hurt.

Sorry chicky. I'd hate to say it, but you know it's true.

You've been dieting for a while now because you want to drop some pounds so that you'll finally feel more comfortable in your body, in your clothes, IN YOUR LIFE. Plus, if you drop 10-15lbs your man is going to be more attracted to you. Right? Sounds like a win.

But you absolutely can't stand those rolls on your stomach, or the cellulite on your legs. And on your hips.. what is that?!

So when your partner goes to grab your waist and pull you close for an intimate moment, you push away.

Or maybe you do make it into the bedroom, but you leave a shirt on.. you know, just to stay covered up. You hate looking at yourself, why would he want to?

In these moments, everything you're self conscious about comes to light. Every. Single. Thing.

These are moments that should make you feel wanted and desired, but instead it feeds your insecurities.

You're not alone.

Body love and acceptance is something that isn't taught to us. We...

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The Reality of Yo-Yo Dieting

dieting free guide Mar 18, 2019

If you’ve found yourself on 3+ diets in the past year, this is for you.

I see you. I hear you. I’m here for you.

With the yo-yo dieting there lays an extreme amount of pain, guilt, and angst.

The pain of never feeling like you’re good enough.
The guilt of not being perfect.
The angst of wanting to be accepted.

This shame eats you alive and creates a viscous cycle that is never ending.

All you want to do is achieve happiness, and you use a diet as a means of transportation.

Through dieting you search for things like perfection and acceptance.

The only problem? The transportation never gets you to where you want to be.
I get it, girl. It’s frustrating to give it your all only to realize you’ve come up short – again.

You want to exude confidence. You want to feel like you are worthy of acceptance. You want to be seen. You want to be heard. You want to be comfortable in your own skin.

This is the ultimate end goal, right?

What you may not realize is that yo-yo...

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What Does Self Love Even Mean?

self love Mar 18, 2019

Because it's been popping up EVERYWHERE on social media. While I'm not against the self love movement, I think we really need to understand what self love really is.

Because it's not REALLY the pampering and prodding.
Because it's not REALLY the nights out with your girlfriends.
Because it's not REALLY the healthy foods and the workouts you do.

Sure, yes.. those are all things we need to be prioritizing.

But those are considered self care.

So what is self love?

Loving yourself when you're 10lbs heavier than you'd like to be.
Loving yourself when you just ate a whole bag of chips when you just wanted a handful.
Loving yourself when you see a women in tip-top shape.

Self love is dealing with the emotional turmoil you've trudged your entire life. AND LOVING YOURSELF WHILE DOING SO.

We say some pretty nasty things to ourselves that we would NEVER say to a friend. Our language to ourselves is the most important factor to self love.

So, I must ask - are you committed to true self love?

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