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What Does Self Love Even Mean?

self love Mar 18, 2019

Because it's been popping up EVERYWHERE on social media. While I'm not against the self love movement, I think we really need to understand what self love really is.⁣

Because it's not REALLY the pampering and prodding.⁣
Because it's not REALLY the nights out with your girlfriends.⁣
Because it's not REALLY the healthy foods and the workouts you do.⁣

Sure, yes.. those are all things we need to be prioritizing. ⁣

But those are considered self care. ⁣

So what is self love?⁣

Loving yourself when you're 10lbs heavier than you'd like to be. ⁣
Loving yourself when you just ate a whole bag of chips when you just wanted a handful.⁣
Loving yourself when you see a women in tip-top shape.⁣

Self love is dealing with the emotional turmoil you've trudged your entire life. AND LOVING YOURSELF WHILE DOING SO.⁣

We say some pretty nasty things to ourselves that we would NEVER say to a friend. Our language to ourselves is the most important factor to self love.⁣

So, I must ask - are you committed to true self love?

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