you've spent years of your life dieting and/or restricting your favorite foods

you often find yourself overeating, emotionally eating, and/or binge eating

you feel an extreme amount of anxiety around food

you feel overwhelmed, discouraged, and a failure because you can't figure this out

you constantly compare yourself to others' on social media or IRL

you want nothing more than to be happy in your own skin

I'm here to help –

Hi babe! My name is MaKenzie, and I was justttt like you. I began on this journey to become a healthier, happier version of myself which took me to a very dark place. I became obsessive about my food, it's ALL I could think about. I aimed to eat the 'healthiest' as possible, and would feel so much guilt if I didn't. More nights than not it would end in me binge eating to the point of pain.. filling me with even more shame. It affected my self esteem, my confidence, my ambition, and so much more. I'm proud to say I'm on the other side now and girrrrrrl, it feels so good. Let me show you. 


feel at ease around food & be able to listen to your body

enjoy your favorite foods guilt free & without bingeing afterwards

feel good about yourself & how you look

cultivate a healthy mindset so you can be happy now

feel better & have more energy

lose the weight & actually keep it off

introducing heal·thy·diet

signature coaching course where you will heal your relationship with food & befriend your body so you can be happy, healthy, & confident

It's time to kiss those days of emotional eating, binge eating, & restriction goodbye! 👋 All of my clients come to me after "trying it all." Within weeks of working together, everything finally clicks. My clients experience increased happiness, motivation, & energy while seeing a reduction in stress, anxiety, & emotional eating.

It's all inside my proven 2 phase system –

Unlike dieting which only serves as a band-aid, the first portion of heal·thy·diet is dedicated to a healing phase. In this phase, we begin to uncover why nothing else has worked, the ways in which you're holding yourself back, the root of your emotional eating, and much more. Inside, you are given many different healing techniques that will both aid in your healing & soothe you as you continue to progress.

Continuing to the second portion of heal·thy·diet, you are introduced to the growth phase. In this phase, you'll not only begin to cultivate self trust & body confidence but you'll also learn new techniques and processes to finally see the progress you desire. With these combined, you'll see effortless lasting results. This is the beginning of your new life.

what's inside heal•thy•diet

WEEK ONE | Diet Culture 101 + Inner Child Healing

Understand the myriad of ways Diet Culture has played a prominent role in your life, and begin peeling back the layers to identify where this first began to begin the healing process.

WEEK TWO | Debunking Diets

Learn why your dieting efforts haven't worked so you can begin laying the foundation for what does work.

WEEK THREE | Neutralizing Food

Begin to bring back the fun, pleasure, & enjoyment back into your food choices without the guilt and shame.

WEEK FOUR | The Truth About Your Weight

Familiarize yourself with the emotional & psychological factors that are showing up on scale & learn proven methods to reduce the load.

WEEK FIVE | Overeating, Binge Eating, & Emotional Eating

Learn methods to begin working with your body so you can overcome these styles of eating and see the progress you desire.

WEEK SIX | Your Body ≠ Your Worth

Take steps toward self & body acceptance so you can finally feel comfortable in your own skin and begin to show up confidently.

WEEK SEVEN | Mindful Movement

Explore the benefits of movement that go far beyond the physical realm & find movements you enjoy so you can sustainably reap all the benefits, now and in the future.

WEEK EIGHT | Nourish Your Mind, Body, & Soul

Master new coping mechanisms to handle discomfort & dis-ease with compassion & grace without slipping back into old ways.




✔ You're ready to feel in control of your diet

✔ You're ready to never diet again

✔ You're excited to enjoy your favorite foods without anxiety or guilt

✔ You can't wait to feel comfortable in your own skin

✔ You crave a sense of balance in your life


✘ You want a quick fix and expect results over night

✘ You're not willing to heal from past trauma

✘ You're not ready to make life-long changes

✘ You 're not ready to invest in your health and future

✘ You're only focused on the scale

The vibrant, confident & embodied you awaits.




Weekly Lessons + Workbooks

Meditations, Visualizations, Breathwork, EFT Tapping, + more

Weekly Check-In's

Lifetime Access to heal•thy•diet

Community for Coaching + Support

Unlimited E-Mail Support

Bi-weekly 1:1 Calls





Weekly Lessons + Workbooks

Meditations, Visualizations, Breathwork, EFT Tapping, + more

Weekly Check-In's

Lifetime Access to heal•thy•diet

Community for Coaching + Support

Unlimited E-Mail Support

Bi-weekly 1:1 Calls

2 Month Access to The Collective





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You're taking the first steps toward a lifestyle in which you feel happy, healthy, and confident. I'm so proud of you!

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