What if food no longer controlled you?

What if you didn’t need a diet to keep you from gaining weight?
What if you could go to a party without worrying if you’d overeat?
What if you could enjoy your favorite foods without guilt?
I'm ready!

I'm MaKenzie, and I was just like you.

I used to be on a strict diet. Like most women, I started dieting because I wanted to be fit & healthy.

But, it all spiraled into a dark place. I became obsessive about food.. it became all I could think about– I was constantly thinking about what I could eat, how much & when.

Anytime I cheated on my diet, I would feel so guilty… it absolutely consumed me.

I felt so ashamed.

When the guilt came, my solution was more food. I’d binge eat to the point of pain…

I was addicted to both the food and the controlling of the food. It quickly began to affect every part of my life…

My self-esteem, my confidence, my ambition, my relationships, etc.

I was constantly in the Binge-Restrict cycle. Like most women, I would start a diet and follow through for a while..


But before long, I would fail at it and be back to square one.

You know that feeling when it seems like you can never follow through on anything?

Initially you think it’s the diet, but 30 days later you are on another diet.

One coach recommends this, another coach recommends that…

5 diets later… it becomes obvious that the problem is not the diet.

The problem is your relationship with food.

Two Myths That Keep You Stuck To Diets–

I just need the perfect plan.

If only I was more disciplined.

Diets are not a magical solution… in fact, the more you depend on them, the more you stay as a slave to food & numbers.


❌ You can’t travel to new locations and enjoy local cuisine without guilt

❌ You can’t hang out with friends and family because food is always front & center

❌ You are constantly thinking about what you can eat or not eat, calorie counting, weighing yourself on a scale…

❌ You are not free.

Here’s the truth–
You don’t need another diet to lose weight or be healthy

What you need is to change your relationship with food & take back the control.

Here's how to know you are the master of food–

You can order what you want off the menu, not just the lowest calorie option.

You can keep 'trigger foods' in your home, and have them last.

You can enjoy a spontaneous date night with your partner, without food stress.

You can achieve food freedom.


You can be the woman you dream of becoming.


✔ The woman that is confident & trusts herself

✔ The woman who doesn’t binge eat or overeat

✔ The woman who can manage her emotions without food
✔ The woman who has an amazing sex life because confidence is the new sexy

✔ The woman who is proud of her body


Take back control, fall in love with your body and enjoy food freedom in just 8 weeks

I'm ready!

👉Even if you've been dieting since you were 5 years old


👉 Even if you're not where you want to be physically


👉 Even if the thought of letting go of the diets scares you

heal•thy•diet is the signature coaching program specifically crafted to support you in healing your relationship with food while befriending your body so you can ditch the food obsession, live with ease & radiate confidence in just 8 weeks

This program isn’t about another yoyo diet, watching the scale or intensive workouts… you've already tried that already and the fact you are here shows they don’t work in the long term.
Instead, heal•thy•diet goes much deeper. There’s no judgmental coach, no restrictive eating — rather you join a sisterhood of women who are getting out of the food obsession.

what's inside heal•thy•diet

It's time to kiss those days of emotional eating, binge eating, & restriction goodbye! 👋 All of my clients come to me after "trying it all." Within weeks of working together, everything finally clicks. My clients experience increased happiness, motivation, & energy while seeing a reduction in stress, anxiety, & emotional eating.

It's all inside my proven 3 phase framework –


Unlike dieting which only serves as a band-aid, the first portion of heal·thy·diet is dedicated to a healing phase. In this phase, we begin to uncover why nothing else has worked, the ways in which you're holding yourself back, the root of your emotional eating, and much more. Inside, you are given many different healing techniques that will both aid in your healing & soothe you as you continue to progress.


To have something you've never had before (in this case food freedom) you need to do something different. Diets don't cut it. Which is why the growth phase of heal·thy·diet is next! In this phase, you'll not only begin to cultivate self trust & body confidence but you'll also learn new techniques and processes to finally see the progress you desire. And it doesn't have to be hard like everyone makes it out to be.


What you learn inside heal•thy•diet isn't something you adhere to for just for a couple months. This course was designed FOR LIFE. In my coaching philosophy, I don't want you to rely on anyone (a coach, even me) or anything outside of you ever again. Everything you need is already within you. In the embody phase, you take the final steps to become the woman who navigates life by trusting & listening to her body.

I'm ready!

you receive–

✔ Personalized coaching tailored specially for you & your life. No two people are alike, and you deserve to have individualized support & guidance that's applicable to where you are currently & where you're headed

✔ Self-paced weekly lessons + workbooks guiding you through the proven 3-phase system so you can work through at your own pace

✔ Access to various healing modalities including meditations, visualizations, breathwork, EFT tapping + more to promote enhanced clarity to support you in your healing & to provide new techniques to better handle discomfort & dis-ease

✔ Weekly check-in's to ensure you're experiencing shifts each & every week

✔ Unlimited e-mail support because disordered eating & food obsession isn't just M-F. I'm here when you need it most.

✔ Plus, lifetime access to heal•thy•diet. You can revisit any lesson, at any time. Feeling overwhelmed or discouraged? The tools and solutions will be at your fingertips, ready whenever you need them.

when you join heal•thy•diet, you'll learn–

The Big Lie About Your Weight

Why You Can't Seem to Stick to A Diet

(no you're not lazy)

The Secret to Stop Overeating

Yes! This is possible for you too!

heal•thy•diet is NOT for you if:

✘ You're only focused on the scale

✘ You're not willing to give up the calorie/macro/point counting

✘ You don't have 1hr/wk to dedicate to your healing

✘ You're not ready to invest in your health, happiness, & future

✘ You're looking for a list of foods you can & can't eat

heal•thy•diet is for you if:

✔ You are constantly counting calories. macros, points, etc.

✔ You have foods you fear, or that you can't/shouldn't eat

✔ Your self-worth is dependent on your weight or shape

✔ You have an all-or-nothing perfectionist mindset around food & exercise

✔ You skip meals & look for ways to suppress your appetite

The vibrant, confident & embodied you awaits.



BONUS | Access to the Body Acceptance Course + Upgrade to Weekly Calls

  • Weekly Lessons + Workbooks

  • Meditations, Visualizations, Breathwork, EFT Tapping, + more

  • Weekly Check-In's

  • Lifetime Access to heal•thy•diet

  • Community for Coaching + Support

  • Unlimited E-Mail Support

  • Weekly 1:1 Calls
  • Body Acceptance Course



2 Payments of $600

  • Weekly Lessons + Workbooks

  • Meditations, Visualizations, Breathwork, EFT Tapping, + more

  • Weekly Check-In's

  • Lifetime Access to heal•thy•diet

  • Community for Coaching + Support

  • Unlimited E-Mail Support

  • Bi-weekly 1:1 Calls

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BONUS | Access to the Body Acceptance Course + Upgrade to Weekly Calls




2 Payments of $600