I know what it's like to struggle with body image.

There were years of my life where body image issues held me back from really showing up.

And even those moment where I did physically show up, I was too busy in my head worrying what others' might see or think.

Were they looking at my legs?
Could they see the flab on my arms?
Do they see my muffin top?
Oh no.. they want to take another photo 😣😬

And that's not to mention the things I had tried to get to a place I felt comfortable in my body...

Losing weight..
Different diet methods..
Waist trainers..
Working out..
Covering my body in oversized clothes..

And maybe you can relate?

It seems like no matter what you try, it's never enough.

But the reality is–
Those things only make it worse.

Because the more you try to shift & change your body, the more disconnected you become.

It can feel like a never ending battle, pinning you against your body.

Life is too short to be at war with yourself, and if we're being honest.. you've experienced this for far too long.

And that's exactly why I created the Body Acceptance Course!

Inside you'll –

≫ embody the version of you who shows up confidently & powerfully
≫ begin speaking highly & kindly of yourself and your body
≫ discover a newfound appreciation for your body
≫ learn methods to begin befriending yourself
≫ implement mindfulness techniques to reduce stress, remove self-doubt, and improve emotional health
Plus, you get lifetime access to the course!

ONLY $34 $99


You are strong.
You are capable.
You are stunning.
Your laugh lights up the room.
You're so incredibly worthy.

It's time that you see it for yourself.


If you've ever struggled with food or body issues (like, who hasn't?!), MaKenzie is the woman for you. It was so nice to go through the course side by side with the 1:1 coaching.  If you put in the work, Makenzie will make sure you succeed.  She was there for me every single step of the way.  I've worked with many coaches in the past but none as responsive, caring and supportive as her.  I highly recommend this woman! She will change your life just like she changed mine.

– Andrea

I recommend the “MaKenzie Magic” if you have lost your way then she is your girl!!! No doubt the best investment I’ve ever done for myself!! I’m a changed person in 12 weeks! Down 18 lbs. I’m more charged since I worked with her. Motivation is my best friend now!! My new found energy has found it's way to my boyfriend, our relationship and my family! I’m beyond grateful for her guidance she gave me! I would recommend her a 100x over!!!!

– Amanda

Thank you so much for all your coaching!! You are the best !! I've never been able to stick with anything past the first results. You've really helped me make a lifestyle change that works!! You helped me work thru why I had that bad choice day and that tomorrow is a new day to start at it again. I can still enjoy things and make good choices. It's so much better!!

– Shauna