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Shadow, is that you??

Do you ever find yourself acting completely out of character? Maybe you're typically the cool, calm, collected one - and then suddenly you find yourself getting an attitude or upset.

Or maybe when someone gives you a compliment, you think they're lying because you can't see it... AT ALL!

In the work that I do (personally & with clients) includes a bunch of inner work, and by a bunch I mean the majority. And for good reason.

That's where it all begins, and ends. You see, nothing outside of you can control or affect you. You are responsible for how you act, speak, react, view, believe, project, etc.

Yes, it's easier to blame these external factors (spouse, work, children, friends, etc) AND that doesn't improve or solve the situation.

And something has been coming up frequently in my own practice - my shadow. Each one of us is comprised of this shadow side. Our shadow is those parts of ourselves that we dislike, repress, or are even blind to. With that said, it's not a...

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