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5 Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

Hi girl! Do you currently practice gratitude? It's been such a game changer for me!

I've been gratitude journaling daily for 5 years, that's insane! When I began gratitude journaling, I had no idea that scribbling down a couple things I was grateful for each night would be so incredibly powerful. It has since significantly changed my life.

When you begin practicing gratitude journaling, you can expect to see these benefits:

1. Become more present -
Practicing gratitude makes you become more aware of the important things in life. You begin to cherish every moment because you're always looking for ways to express gratitude. This could be in conversations, while you're driving, visiting loved ones, etc.

2. Create an abundance mindset -
When you constantly practice gratitude, it helps create an abundance mindset. A mindset where you thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally. You begin to be extremely optimistic and feel as though anything is possible. You are in the driver's seat of your...

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