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You Are Enough.

enough self love worthy Apr 18, 2019
I want you to know something.
You are enough.
Right now. Just the way you are. You are enough.
You don't need to be skinnier or tanner or prettier. You are not a bad person because you aren't dedicated enough or you struggle to control your eating. You do not deserve any less love because you are not a size 2. Your body does not define you and you should not let it.
You are beautiful. The sexiest people are those who carry themselves with confidence. They're the ones who know their worth and they let it show. YOU should be one of those people. Because you deserve only the best, no matter your struggles. Listen to me, you are enough.
When your making your journey, it's important to remember to love yourself. Love yourself as you are now, so you can appreciate all of your hard work later and love yourself and your body even more. Reaching goals, whether its losing weight, eating healthier, exercising more, etc can be...
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