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100 Reasons to Recover from Disordered Eating

body confidence dessert enough happiness worthy Jan 03, 2022

Incase you're wondering if healing your relationship with food & your body is worth it, here are 100 reasons––

1. to be a mom some day
2. to eat cake on your wedding day w/o guilt
3. to not worry if you were given a coke over a diet coke
4. to go on spontaneous trips without panic
5. to be a good role model for your future kids
6. to go out for dinner and order exactly what you want
7. to be able to enjoy lazy days
8. to look forward to greasy pizza after a night out
9. to not feel guilty for eating an entire chocolate bar
10. for BBQs in the summer
11. to be able to eat your future kids' leftovers without guilt
12. to not worry if someone else cooks for you
13. to choose food without thinking about calories
14. to be fully present in the moment
15. to go shopping and not care what size your clothes are
16. to try new recipes
17. to have as many plates as you want at the buffet
18. to look in the mirror and not instantly criticize what you see
19. to not be hangry
20. to sip cocktails without thinking about the sugar content
21. to be able to run after your future grandchildren
22. to not feel nervous about going out to eat
23. to choose the biggest slice of cake
24. to choose to have garlic bread with lasagna
25. to no longer see food as good or bad
26. to no longer have to calculate how much you've eaten
27. to go for a walk without thinking about numbers
28. to have the energy to run around with your dog
29. to not feel the urge to supervise your spouse while they cook
30. to try new food on vacation
31. to not question whether you want seconds for dinner
32. to be able to be portioned and served at dinner w/o panicking
33. to be able to walk for miles when you're 80 years old
34. to not care when you're not the smallest
35. to not have to be encouraged to take more to eat
36. to not compare your plate to others
37. to drink hot chocolate at Christmas
38. to belly laugh
39. to bake for yourself
40. to not worry about holiday weight gain
41. to like your reflection
42. to have healthy joints and bones
43. so people no longer worry about you
44. to not care if your thighs rub together
45. to no longer have to imagine your life without disordered eating
46. to be appreciative when you order a regular coffee but given a large
47. to graduate from college
48. to enjoy food again
49. to discover new hobbies
50. to wear fitted clothes and not feel the need to suck in
51. to be able to play in the snow without getting too cold
52. to laugh with friends
53. to not feel anxious about adding sugar to your cereal
54. to be able to concentrate on more important things than your body
55. to lick the spoon
56. to wear the clothes you want to wear
57. to inspire others
58. to be more present
59. to not constantly be thinking about food
60. to not care about the size of your waist
61. to wear a bikini and not care
62. to enjoy exercise
63. to not have to wonder who you'd be without disordered eating
64. to be fully present in conversations
65. to no longer fear food
66. to know yourself
67. to not care about the scale
68. to have healthy hair
69. to not skip meals
70. to accept your body
71. to wake up excited for the day
72. to be less anxious
73. to be happy
74. to not have a meltdown in changing rooms
75. to feel strong
76. for brain space
77. to not feel the urge to check food labels
78. for food freedom
79. to say goodbye to meal plans
80. to say yes when your friends bake
81. for energy
82. to feel satisfied
83. to never have to track your food again
84. to eat lots of Easter candy
85. to help others
86. to not make swaps & changes when ordering out
87. to be able to eat leftovers at lunch
88. to eat pasta for lunch and pizza for dinner
89. to let your spouse order for you
90. to not feel the need to plan your food
91. to not second guess your hunger cues
92. to order the large over the small
93. to love your stomach
94. to enjoy snacks at the movie theatre
95. to have control back
96. to prioritize your health
97. for your 10 year old self
98. to be able to care for your future pets
99. to enjoy holidays
100. to be the truest version of yourself
+ a bonus one: you're deserving of having a healthy & easy relationship to food, and acceptance of your body.
I love you. I'm so glad you're here!

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