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5 Reasons You're Overeating

binge eating overeating Jun 03, 2022

If I remember anything from my disordered eating days, it's that the weekends can be brutal when it comes to eating. 😣


❌ There's less structure.

❌ You have to accommodate others, and your plans.

❌ Maybe you're not 'in control' of what you eat.

There can be soooo much.


Now, I don't know where you are personally along your journey but whether you're still kinda-sorta dieting (we need to chat) or you've taken steps to heal your relationship with food, overeating can still be happening. And it doesn't feel good.


👉 But before we can tackle overeating, we need to understand why it's happening.


If you find yourself overeating, I encourage you to begin dissecting why it's happening. Below you can find 5 reasons why this could be happening, along with examples of what each can look like!


5 Reasons you're overeating 👇

1. You're physically restricting
This can look like: calorie limits, off-limit foods/food groups, etc.


2. You're mentally restricting
This can look like: only allowing a certain amount, allowing some now but not later, feelings of "I shouldn't have eaten that." etc.


3. You're waiting too long to eat
This can look like: skipping breakfast, waiting until it's 'time' to eat, etc.


4. You're foods aren't exciting or satisfying
This can look like: eating what you feel like you're 'supposed' to eat versus what you actually want, eating the same things, etc.


5. You're eating for other reasons than hunger
This can look like: eating because you're bored, lonely, angry, happy, etc.


And something worth noting–
It's easy to think you're overeating when you're actually just eating more than you previously once allowed yourself to due to restrictive diets. AKA- it could feel like you're overeating, but you're really not.


If you're ready for tips on how to stop overeating, grab the 3 Steps to Stop Overeating guide for free by clicking here!


If I can support you in any way, I'm here!
– MaKenzie

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