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"Be healthier" is a shitty goal.

diet dieting goals Dec 27, 2021
As the new year is right around the corner, I know that you're likely busy creating new goals & intentions for 2022.
You'll want to read this because someone needs to tell you this so you can stop spinning your wheels..
A lot of people come to me looking to be healthier, but that means nothing to me.
And it likely means nothing to you, too. Let me explain.
The goal to "be healthier" sounds like an incredible goal, and at the core of it.. it IS a good goal.
But clients come to me having had the same goal to "be healthier" for 10 years now. Something tells me that that's true for you too.
How can such a meaningful and life-giving goal go unfulfilled year after year?
It's because the term healthy is arbitrary.
To some that means working on their mobility. To others that means improving their immune system.. or managing their diabetes or PCOS.
When you're not clear on what it is you're truly seeking, you could not only be wasting your time but the steps you're taking could be unwarranted.
🚗 It's like getting in the car without a clear destination. You could get where you're wanting to go... maybe? It might take longer, cost you more time and money.. and more often than not, you'll grow tired before you reach your destination.
The clearer you become, the greater chance of you succeeding.
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